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Certified Solution Partner Training Lesson - AV over IP Network Preparation, Readiness and Design (Earn 1.0 CTS Credits)
A technical discussion with Art Weeks, Director of Product Management for ZeeVee.

AV over IP Network Preparation, Readiness and Design

This course will be delivered in three (3) parts:

Part 1 - Network and Switch Basics
Part 2 - AV Network Examples
Part 3 - Network Design Preparation


ZOOM meeting room

Thursday, October 13, 2022

10:00 AM EDT// 2:00 PM GMT


ZeeVee has been part of hundreds of AV over IP deployments around the globe. We have seen varying degrees of network preparation, readiness, and design. This training session aims to provide an in-depth overview of why planning is crucial to a successful AV over IP deployment. Art Weeks will cover the following comprehensive list of topics:

Part 1 - Network and Switch Basics
**Blocking vs. non-blocking
**Shared ports
*Half-Duplex vs. Full-Duplex
*AV Network Design – Single Switch
*Data Flow Direction
*Worst Case
*Full-Duplex Examples
*Stacking vs. LAG
*PoE and PoE Budgets

Part 2 - AV Network Examples
*Single Switch
*Spine / Leaf
*Limited Connection
*Dual Switch
*Dual Spine
*Dual Spine with Limited Connectivity
*Redundant Dual Spine
*AV Control System on different networks

Part 3 - Network Design Prep
*AV Network Design Checklist
*What Switch Manufacturers do ZeeVee recommend

You will leave this one-hour session better equipped for your next AV over IP deployment and with another CTS credit in hand.

Oct 13, 2022 10:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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